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Real Estate With Friends Podcast; Episode 4: Can Taxes and Tax Liability, Be Funny?

In Episode 4 we chat with Bryan Schmitt of Schmitt and Assoc. CPA’s about taxes, tax liability, popular deductions and the benefits of hiring a CPA…

Real Estate With Friends Podcast; Episode 3: What Makes Property & Casualty Insurance So Sexy?

In this episode, Matthew Woodward of Colorado Insurance explains differences in insurers, types of coverage, and the importance of being properly insured.   He also explains the importance of understanding the coverages you have and what could be missing.  We encourage you to listen.  This info could save your assets!

Real Estate With Friends Podcast; Episode 2: “Don’t Wait Until You Die to Have a Plan!”

In Episode 2, we are joined by Business and Estate Attorney,  Brandon Campbell of Opfer | Campbell PC.  This was so critical that I had to have Brandon as one of my first guests.  Brandon explains what all goes into protecting your assets and avoiding BIG probate issues when you or someone you are close to, dies…

Real Estate With Friends Podcast; Episode 1: Have You Hugged Your Lender Today?

In Episode One, we speak with our mortgage loan originator, Michele Beeson of Home Mortgage Alliance.

Michele talks about changes in the mortgage industry, rates, dispels some myths and tells us about some of her challenges and triumphs in her business..